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Posted by Kieran on January - 18 - 2021

The sale of puppies and dogs has shot up since lockdown began back in March. With more people at home and able to look after a puppy, now seems the perfect time for many. The prices of puppies has reflected this and increased massively over the past 12 months. On average you can expect to pay in excess of £1500 and that’s not even for a pedigree dog. Some sellers are taking advantage of this sudden surge in demand and breeding their dogs as often as possible. Some may even be skimping on simple checks that should be done before putting the lips up for sale at a premium price.

If you are serious about having a dog you need to think very carefully about what you will do after lockdown and everyone is back at work / school. If you are happy that you want to commit to taking on a puppy then it may be worth holding out for a few more months when prices may start to drop down again. You should also find a genuine breeder, ideally one that has been recommended to you and one where you can see the mother and hopefully the father of the litter too.

Dogs need a lot of care and attention and unlike cats, can not be left on their own all day.

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