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Buying presents for your pets this Christmas

Posted by Kieran on December - 20 - 2020

Christmas presents for pets is actually a huge market and growing year on year. Many people see their pets as part of the family and therefore want them to join in on the festivities.

During the run up to Christmas the discount stores, supermarkets and pet shops are often cramped with pet stockings and teddies, giving you plenty to choose from. You do need to take care when choosing the right products for your pet as just because they are advertised for a dog / car etc. Doesn’t actually mean that they are very good for them. There has been plenty of research recently to show that many of the so called pet treats can actually be quite bad for our furry friends. It’s not only the brightly coloured bones that you may need to avoid, if you decide to wrap it and allow your dog to open it, the wrapping paper and Sellotape can also be a big risk.

Sometimes it is best to just buy their favourite treats that they perhaps don’t get to have all the time and wrap those up for them. Although your dog and possibly the cat may know something is a little difficult, it is unlikely your guinea pig will know the difference!

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