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Buying your pet products in bulk

Posted by Kieran on June - 10 - 2021

If you work within the pet industry then you should definitely ensure that you buy your pet products in bulk to secure a good discount. Many self employed people work within the pet industry in roles such as dog groomers, pet hotel or accommodation, selling pet accessories or other products such as foods and complimentary services.

IF you have not used a product before it is always a good idea to try a sample first before committing to a large order. Lots of wholesalers will allow you to try a product before placing an order, but they may not openly advertise this so you may need to ask. Usually, the higher the quality of the product you buy the better discount you will get.

Don’t be afraid to shop around for the best price and if your usually supplier is not the cheapest ask if they are able to price match. Some may be able to but others may not get the items as cheap as another wholesaler does so may not be able to offer it at such a reduced price. If you know another business that buys the same products as you, you could even ask them if they want to place an order together to that you both get a better deal on the pet products.

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