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Can you risk not having pet insurance?

Posted by Kieran on May - 20 - 2022

The cost of taking a pet, whatever its size or breed, to the vets has become huge, so much so that pet owners are reluctant to visit the vet with their pet until they really have to by which time the pet may have become quite ill and need more intensive treatment. Having pet insurance was not a particularly common thing in the past and only people with valuable pedigree pets thought it was necessary, but now more and more people are considering it a priority.

There are a wide range of pet insurance products on the market now from comprehensive cover that includes any treatments and inoculations that the pet may need plus additional costs such as emergency boarding to a more basic level of cover which gives peace of mind should you pet fall seriously ill or have an accident.

Insurance companies realise that most people cannot afford to pay for the premium in one go so offer interest-free monthly payment plans to make the insurance more affordable. Having any type of non-compulsory insurance is about weighing up the risks of an event occurring, but when it is your pet do you really want to have to choose whether to take them to the vet or not because of the cost?

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