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Can you Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

Posted by Ian on March - 11 - 2018

Many people worry about adopting an older dog. Will it be easy to train? Could there be ingrained behavioural problems? Is the dog going to be more stubborn? Older dogs can, in fact, make lovely pets, and there are lots of reasons why you should think about adopting an older dog instead of a puppy.

Older dogs will often be more gentle and will have a little less excitable puppy energy. This is great for a family with young children, as the dog will often be more placid around them. The dog may also have been well trained previously, and a lot of what you will need to do will be reinforcing the message rather than training from scratch.

You do just need to bear in mind that if you rescue a dog, they may have been mistreated in the past. They may come with some psychological problems and you may just need a little patience.

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