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Can you risk not having pet insurance?

Posted by Kieran on May - 20 - 2022 0 Comment

The cost of taking a pet, whatever its size or breed, to the vets has become huge, so much so that pet owners are reluctant to visit the vet with their pet until they really have to by which time the pet may have become quite ill and need more intensive treatment. Having pet insurance was not a particularly common thing in the past and only people with valuable pedigree  [ Read More ]

Are wild birds being looked after in your garden?

Posted by Kieran on January - 24 - 2022 0 Comment

For some people owning a pet is not possible perhaps because of work commitments or restrictions on their tenancy agreement so looking after the wild birds that visit the garden could be said to be a replacement for having a pet and is certainly less problematic. During the winter months wild birds rely on domestic bird tables and feeders for essential food as other food they may eat such as  [ Read More ]

If you are planning to go away for a weekend you may decide that your cats will be fine at home but making sure that they have sufficient food for the time you are away make be a worry. Designers of pet products have been aware of this issue for a while and are inventing more and more dependable automatic pet feeders so that the owner can be sure that  [ Read More ]

Choosing the right treats for your pet

Posted by Kieran on July - 8 - 2021 0 Comment

When it comes to choosing treats for your pets you are often inundated with choice. There are often plastic toys, wooden toys, sweet treats and savoy goods to choose from and knowing which ones to opt for can be tricky. Although you would hope that any pet product that is sold in the UK will be safe for your pet, unfortunately this is often not the case. There have been  [ Read More ]

Buying your pet products in bulk

Posted by Kieran on June - 10 - 2021 0 Comment

If you work within the pet industry then you should definitely ensure that you buy your pet products in bulk to secure a good discount. Many self employed people work within the pet industry in roles such as dog groomers, pet hotel or accommodation, selling pet accessories or other products such as foods and complimentary services. IF you have not used a product before it is always a good idea  [ Read More ]

Is it worth spending a lot of dog food?

Posted by Kieran on March - 20 - 2021 0 Comment

Dog food can vary massively in price. You can pick up a 3kg bag of kibble for around £2.50 for a supermarket’s own brand or you can spend around £10-£15 for a named brand pet food. So is it really worth the extra cost? Many vets agree that a good quality pet food is very important. You dog may only have this one sort of food, so it is vital  [ Read More ]