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Which small pet is best for my family?

Posted by Kieran on September - 16 - 2020 0 Comment

Although owning a dog is for many the ideal pet it may be that this is not practical perhaps because of the type of accommodation they live in or due to the time constraints of work so that they would have insufficient time to spend walking a dog. Many people look at having a smaller pet for their family and so choose a cat or rabbit instead but which of  [ Read More ]

Do You Work in the Pet Trade?

Posted by Ian on July - 31 - 2020 0 Comment

The UK pet trade is ever growing and is developing rapidly. It is a vibrant and appealing place to work, especially for animal lovers – though due to its success, anybody who is passionate about running a business can enjoy being involved with the pet industry. If you work in the pet trade already, it can be a busy and exciting industry, but it can also be one that is  [ Read More ]

Choosing your Niche in the Pet Trade

Posted by admin on May - 1 - 2020 0 Comment

The pet trade offers a lot of opportunity for people who are passionate about pets. It’s growing in popularity all the time, but this also means that it can be quite a saturated market that’s increasingly difficult to break in to. If you’d like to make your mark in the pet trade, it’s all about picking your niche. This will help to propel your career forward and mean that you’re  [ Read More ]

Qualifications for the Pet Industry

Posted by admin on December - 31 - 2019 0 Comment

There are so many different kinds of jobs available in the pet industry. So what qualifications do you need to have in order to get your hands on one of the many opportunities? The truth is, you don’t need to have any particular qualifications – it will largely depend on the position itself and what the business is looking for. What will really set you apart, however, is a knowledge  [ Read More ]

Establishing a strong supply network around your pet business is essential for ensuring its success. You need supply options that are value for money and allow you to make a profit, that are also reliable and give you the stock you need, when you need it. You can conduct online searches for pet supplies wholesale UK, but the results might be too general for what you are looking for. Every  [ Read More ]

Pets – Good for Mental Wellbeing?

Posted by admin on April - 14 - 2019 0 Comment

We all love our pets, and they often feel like part of a family, but could their significance run deeper than that? When you have a pet, it is thought that it could be good for your wellbeing and general happiness. Some people now even have support animals, that are more for emotional support than anything else, helping them through difficult times in their lives, or with mental illnesses like  [ Read More ]