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Wholesale pet supplies for UK trade customers can work out to be very good value compared to the cost of sourcing supplies from a different type of suppliers. Wholesalers will supply goods, usually in large quantities, to UK pet trade companies that are customer facing, for them to sell in shops or online. When pet retailers find their preferred supplier, it is usually the case that they will work together  [ Read More ]

Should you get your young child a pet?

Posted by Kieran on February - 14 - 2022 0 Comment

Most children like animals and often it isn’t long before they start asking for one themselves. You may not have really been much of a pet person, buy you may find that once they start mixing with friends that have pets, they come home asking you if they can have one too. Regardless of what pet you have, you must not rush in to it and take the time to  [ Read More ]

New pet rabbits, are you prepared?

Posted by Kieran on December - 26 - 2021 0 Comment

Rabbits make wonderful pets, but they can be high maintenance and keeping them happy is not always easy. There is a lot to consider before purchasing a rabbit such as choosing the right sized rabbit for your family, where it is going to live and where it is going to get its exercise. Many people do not realise that rabbits need to live in pairs to be happy so this  [ Read More ]

Tips to get that cute animal picture

Posted by Kieran on November - 23 - 2021 0 Comment

We are undoubtedly a nation of animal lovers and love posting pictures of our pets on our social media pages, but have you ever taken countless photos only to find that not one is exactly right? Follow these and you will be snapping away happily from now on. Firstly, it is important to get your pet used to the camera or phone, so that they are not afraid of it.  [ Read More ]

Don’t get caught out by pet scammers

Posted by Kieran on September - 30 - 2021 0 Comment

As pet ownership has boomed over the last couple of years, scammers have seen it as an opportunity to make money. Many people have lost money by putting down a substantial deposit for a puppy then finding out that they have been tricked and that there was never a puppy for sale. There are however ways to prevent yourself falling into this trap and making sure that the puppy you  [ Read More ]

Pet News for People in the Pet Care Industry

Posted by Ian on August - 16 - 2021 0 Comment

News and industry insights help to shape our businesses so of course, the pet care industry is no different. It is very important that people working in this sector are able to find the latest pet news and keep themselves up to date with the goings on in their own areas. Pet business news can form an important part of collecting intelligence and knowing about existing and upcoming trends –  [ Read More ]