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Is a rabbit a good pet?

Posted by Kieran on May - 25 - 2021 0 Comment

Pets have become increasing popular throughout lockdown. With so many of us at home and children off school, many parents decided to buy a pet (or maybe even more than one) for the family home. The price of many pets shot up due to the increase in demand and also the limited number available due to people not being able to breed their pets. Puppies in particular shot up in  [ Read More ]

Are Your Pet Products High Quality?

Posted by Ian on January - 28 - 2021 0 Comment

People working in the pet industry need high quality pet products; people who own pets also need high quality pet products. This shows that there is a mutual benefit in people being able to get hold of quality products when they own a pet, so suppliers need to ensure that what they are supplying is right for their customers. If you don’t supply exactly what your customers want and need,  [ Read More ]

As with anything in the pet care industry, finding your niche and working out where you business will fit in is essential. It is the most important part of carving out a niche for yourself and making sure that your business will have grounds to be successful; pet accessories can sell very well and you can make a good living this way. The main things to have are a solid  [ Read More ]

Acting as a Supplier to the Pet Trade

Posted by Ian on November - 21 - 2020 0 Comment

People in the pet trade such as pet shop owners, groomers, service providers and more will rely on having knowledgeable, experienced supplier with access to a wide range of pet products. If you are in the industry, or you are interested in getting into it, and you think that you could be a good supplier, then there is certainly room for people who will offer a tailored and professional service.  [ Read More ]

Which small pet is best for my family?

Posted by Kieran on September - 16 - 2020 0 Comment

Although owning a dog is for many the ideal pet it may be that this is not practical perhaps because of the type of accommodation they live in or due to the time constraints of work so that they would have insufficient time to spend walking a dog. Many people look at having a smaller pet for their family and so choose a cat or rabbit instead but which of  [ Read More ]

Do You Work in the Pet Trade?

Posted by Ian on July - 31 - 2020 0 Comment

The UK pet trade is ever growing and is developing rapidly. It is a vibrant and appealing place to work, especially for animal lovers – though due to its success, anybody who is passionate about running a business can enjoy being involved with the pet industry. If you work in the pet trade already, it can be a busy and exciting industry, but it can also be one that is  [ Read More ]