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Choosing a Suitable Pet for a Child

Posted by Ian on October - 31 - 2017

Pets are a wonderful way for children to learn how to be responsible and take pride in something. They will have to be fully committed to their pet and will need the time to care for it. Here are some popular options for a child:

Hamster. This is a good starter pet as it needs relatively little care compared to other animals. Just bear in mind that they are nocturnal though, so your child may get limited playtime.

Puppy. This one will take a lot more involvement from an adult, as dogs need a lot of work. They require long walks,  training classes and plenty of company.
Kitten. Again, a kitten will take a lot of looking after and will probably require adult supervision. Make sure you live in a suitable area if it is going to be an outdoor cat, away from busy main roads that the cat could get onto.

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