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Choosing the Right Food for your Pet

Posted by Ian on December - 28 - 2017

All pets need different types of nutrition. This depends on the type of animal and its breed, as well as on a number of other factors, like how active your pet is or the type of food you want to feed them. For example, we food might be more tasty for cats and dogs, but it might also contain more calories and they can, therefore, eat less of it.

If you adopt a new pet, they might have certain dietary needs that you should find out about. They may come to you over or underweight, in which case, discuss their needs with the shelter beforehand.

One of the best ways to check your pet is getting the right diet is to monitor their weight and overall health. Weigh them once a month and see if they are a healthy weight for their breed. If not, design a plan to help them gain or lose weight in conjunction with your vet.

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