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Choosing the right treats for your pet

Posted by Kieran on July - 8 - 2021

When it comes to choosing treats for your pets you are often inundated with choice. There are often plastic toys, wooden toys, sweet treats and savoy goods to choose from and knowing which ones to opt for can be tricky. Although you would hope that any pet product that is sold in the UK will be safe for your pet, unfortunately this is often not the case. There have been instances where pet products that have been sold in UK supermarkets or discount stores have cause damaged to an animal. For this reason it is important to do your research before buying anything new. Rawhide bones have been given to dogs for years but they can cause issues as they are hard to digest and dogs can often swallow them without chewing them up properly. You can now get substitute dog chews that look like rawhide but don’t contain any. They are often a bit more expensive but they do appear to be safer overall.

IF you are giving your pets food treats, be sure to not over do it. Although you may feel like you are being kind, you could actually be causing lifelong damage to their teeth or causing them to have weight issues that affect their health.

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