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Deciding to Breed your Dog 

Posted by Ian on July - 14 - 2017

Breeding dogs can be great fun and very rewarding. You will also have lots of adorable puppies to play with and keep you entertained, which is always a bonus! If you are wondering whether you would like to breed your dog, here are some of the things to think about:
• Do you have a certificate? If your pet is purebred and you want to prove this, you will need to have the correct certification. Other breeders will want to see it before they breed their animals with yours and future puppy owners will want to see it too.

• Are you strong enough for it emotionally? Puppies are beautiful and it can be very, very tempting to want to keep them all. This usually isn’t an option for most owners so decide whether you can bear to give the puppies up to new homes.

• Do you have the space? Puppies take up a lot of room.

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