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Don’t be afraid to use an automatic feeder for your cat

Posted by Kieran on October - 30 - 2021

If you are planning to go away for a weekend you may decide that your cats will be fine at home but making sure that they have sufficient food for the time you are away make be a worry. Designers of pet products have been aware of this issue for a while and are inventing more and more dependable automatic pet feeders so that the owner can be sure that their pet will not only have sufficient food but that it will also be fresh. The latest automatic feeders have a section below the feeding containers which holds a freezer block ensuring that the food is kept cool a benefit in warmer weather.

Using an automatic feeder could not be easier. Some feeders have two sections that open independently of each other. Simply set the timer for the time you want each section to open, close the lids and put the feeder where the cat can reach it. At the set time the lid will open, and the food will be accessible for the cat.

Other models have a rotating lid that reveals the food container with either dry or wet food at various times during the day. Whichever type you are using it is a good idea to set it while you are at home a couple of times to check it works correctly before leaving the cats.

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