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Don’t get caught out by pet scammers

Posted by Kieran on September - 30 - 2021

As pet ownership has boomed over the last couple of years, scammers have seen it as an opportunity to make money. Many people have lost money by putting down a substantial deposit for a puppy then finding out that they have been tricked and that there was never a puppy for sale. There are however ways to prevent yourself falling into this trap and making sure that the puppy you are buying is healthy and well cared for.

The first thing to do is to carry out some research on the seller. Look at past sales and feedback history if buying through an online site and look carefully at photographs to check that they are genuine. Always visit the puppy in the sellers home so that you can see the home environment and its mother.

It is important to trust your instincts and if something does not seem right then walk away. Responsible sellers will understand if you ask questions about the puppy and its background so any reluctance to do this could indicate that all is not as it seems.

When arranging payment for a puppy if it is possible to pay by PayPal or with credit card then you will have some protection from fraud unfortunately many sellers prefer cash, or a bank transfer so check as much as you can before parting with your money.

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