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Gadgets to make walking your dog easier

Posted by Kieran on April - 14 - 2022

As the number of dog owners has increased in the last couple of years there is inevitably more dog walking taking place but is your choice of dog lead making the process of taking the dog for a walk easier?

The most common collar and lead set up is the traditional collar that the dog wears all the time and a clip on lead made from either chain or nylon. The disadvantage with this type of lead is that if the dog is not well trained and tends to pull it is difficult to control the dog. Some people choose to have an extendable lead that can allow the dog more length when in areas such as parks and forests but still allow the walker to keep control.

Harnesses are now thought to be better for the dog as it does not put undue stress on the dog’s neck. This can work well for some dogs especially smaller breeds but for larger, stronger breeds it can make control more difficult.

Some dog owners use a face harness which clips on to a lead for their dogs. These work by restricting the dogs forward movement if they pull and can be a very good training tool.

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