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Have you groomed your own dog during lockdown?

Posted by Kieran on August - 22 - 2020

When the UK was in full lockdown it wasn’t just people that missed out on a haircut. Dogs all over the country also have to put their pampering on hold as dog groomers closed down. Many have now reopened buy may still have a backlog of pups to work through.

The fact we also had a few heat waves during this time made some pet owns decide to take things into their own hands. You can pick up a pair of dog clippers for as little as around £10-£15 but you should be careful when undertaking this job yourself. Your pets coat should be free of any knots or tangles as the clippers can snag on these and cause your dog distress. Ideally wash and dry your pet prior to the cut. Give them a good brush through using a doggy detangle spray if needed.

It is important to keep your dog calm when clipping his coat as if he/she becomes distressed they may pull away whilst you are cutting which can be dangerous and result in them or you – getting hurt. Don’t try anything too fancy, leave that to the professionals. If you just want to help the dog stay cool then just clipping a bit off will do this.

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