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Is a lead or a harness better for your dog?

Posted by Kieran on November - 18 - 2020

When it comes to walking the dog, you may find it a very daunting task. Some dogs are not great on leads and this is often to do with a lack of training when they were puppies. If you have a small dog it may not really be much of an issue but if your dog is large then it can even be dangerous when you cannot have control of them.

There are a number of different types of leads, muzzles and harnesses that you can use when its walk time. Many of these leads work well for a number of pets but you really do need to find out which one most suits you and your pet.

You can get retractable leads, chain leads, material leads and chocker leads / collars. All have their benefits but some people would prefer not to use a chocker for example. This type of lead will tighten when your dog pulls. Retractable leads are great if you want to give your dog a bit of freedom but not let them off the lead completely. These are often made of material though so can be chewed through quite easily.  A harness allows you to have more control of the dog as it is fitted around their chest under their front legs. This is good for dogs that are powerful and need more restraint.

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