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Is a rabbit a good pet?

Posted by Kieran on May - 25 - 2021

Pets have become increasing popular throughout lockdown. With so many of us at home and children off school, many parents decided to buy a pet (or maybe even more than one) for the family home. The price of many pets shot up due to the increase in demand and also the limited number available due to people not being able to breed their pets. Puppies in particular shot up in price more than tripling the prices they had fetched the previous year.

If you have not had a pet before or have a cat or a dog but want something a little easier to look after then you may decide to get a rabbit. Rabbit as very cute animals and often children are drawn to them in pet shops, but they don’t always make for the perfect pet.

This often depends on the temperament of the rabbit as some are more chilled out where as others are a little more excitable. Often rabbits with lop ears are a little calmer.

Rabbits can scratch quite a bit and some do not like to be picked up. They may be ok when they are on your lap but if you have small children you may have to pick the rabbit up for them. They can nip and also kick out if they are angry so again this is something to look out for. Often the more you handle a rabbit the better it will become at being held.

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