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Is it worth spending a lot of dog food?

Posted by Kieran on March - 20 - 2021

Dog food can vary massively in price. You can pick up a 3kg bag of kibble for around £2.50 for a supermarket’s own brand or you can spend around £10-£15 for a named brand pet food. So is it really worth the extra cost?

Many vets agree that a good quality pet food is very important. You dog may only have this one sort of food, so it is vital that he/she can get all the nutrients they need from it. Cheaper dog food often has a lower amount of protein and it bulked out using wheat based products. These are often not the best for your dog and can lead to weight gain and other health issues.

Dog food is not only important for their gut health but also for their teeth. A good quality dog food will help keep their teeth clean and strong. If the food is too soft, it could leave to a build up of plaque over time. Their food can also help their joints and bones which may not seem as important when they are younger and it may only become apparent when they are older and already having issues. Often people that spend more of their dog food end up having less trips to the vets and a dog who is overall much healthier.

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