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Keeping Siamese cats

Posted by Ian on May - 24 - 2016

Most people will be able to recognise the muscular, lean Siamese cat with its distinctive triangular- shaped face and its soft, thick, cream-coloured fur.  It’s a very “vocal” cat with a distinctive meow and an array of other sounds with which to communicate to its beloved owner. Siamese cats do not require a special diet, nor any special grooming and do not suffer from any particular health problems which are sometimes problems with pedigree breeds. They can go outside and are happy to hunt around the garden for small prey. However, although some are quite relaxed and laid-back while others may have some neurotic tendencies and peculiar behavioural traits, they are a breed which likes fuss and attention so do make sure you give your pet plenty of attention on your return from work. If you have a long working day, then ensure sure your cat has toys to play with or another feline companion to keep it company so that it does not become bored or lonely.

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