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Looking after guinea pigs

Posted by Ian on June - 26 - 2016

Guinea pigs are gentle creatures with a lively curiosity. As they are sociable animals, they need to live with at least one other guinea pig. They can be kept indoors or outdoors though if they are kept outside you will need to locate their hutch in a sheltered part of the garden, away from draughts. They do like to keep active by running around so it is good to put them in a secure run in the garden during the day. For food, they need plenty of hay and also guinea pig pellets which can be bought from pet shops. You can also provide them with leafy green vegetables and, of course, make sure that there is a supply of fresh water.

Longer haired breeds of guinea pigs will need regular grooming.  Also look out for difficulties in eating which may indicate a problem with the teeth. You also may have to clip toenails from time to time.

Guinea pigs live from 4 to 8 years.

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