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Don’t get caught out by pet
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As pet ownership has boomed over the last couple of years, scammers have seen it as an opportunity to make money. Many people have lost money by putting down a substantial deposit for a puppy then finding out that they have been tricked and that there was never a puppy ...

Pet News for People in the Pet
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News and industry insights help to shape our businesses so of course, the pet care industry is no different. It is very important that people working in this sector are able to find the latest pet news and keep themselves up to date with the goings on in their own ...

Should you take your dog out f
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When we plan beach days, you may be tempted to take your pet pooch with you. It is no secret that lots of dogs do love being on the beach, running up and down the sand and splashing about in the sea but is it a good idea to take ...

Choosing the right treats for
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When it comes to choosing treats for your pets you are often inundated with choice. There are often plastic toys, wooden toys, sweet treats and savoy goods to choose from and knowing which ones to opt for can be tricky. Although you would hope that any pet product that is ...

Buying your pet products in bu
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If you work within the pet industry then you should definitely ensure that you buy your pet products in bulk to secure a good discount. Many self employed people work within the pet industry in roles such as dog groomers, pet hotel or accommodation, selling pet accessories or other products ...

Setting up a dog grooming service

Posted by Kieran on April - 25 - 2021 0 Comment

Over the last decade dog grooming businesses have boomed. Whereas lots of people only used to take their dog to a groomer if they didn’t malt their hair and needed a cut, now people are choosing to take their pooches to get pampered. So many people take a lot of pride in their dogs and like them to not only be healthy but also to look nice and smell nice  [ Read More ]

Is it worth spending a lot of dog food?

Posted by Kieran on March - 20 - 2021 0 Comment

Dog food can vary massively in price. You can pick up a 3kg bag of kibble for around £2.50 for a supermarket’s own brand or you can spend around £10-£15 for a named brand pet food. So is it really worth the extra cost? Many vets agree that a good quality pet food is very important. You dog may only have this one sort of food, so it is vital  [ Read More ]

Toilet training your puppy

Posted by Kieran on February - 10 - 2021 0 Comment

Having a puppy can be a really lovely experience and an exciting time but it can also be hard work. If you have a puppy from a young age it is most probably not going to be toilet trained. This means you are going to have to teach them where they can and can’t go to the toilet and how to show you that they need to go. You can  [ Read More ]

Are Your Pet Products High Quality?

Posted by Ian on January - 28 - 2021 0 Comment

People working in the pet industry need high quality pet products; people who own pets also need high quality pet products. This shows that there is a mutual benefit in people being able to get hold of quality products when they own a pet, so suppliers need to ensure that what they are supplying is right for their customers. If you don’t supply exactly what your customers want and need,  [ Read More ]

Are you looking to buy a dog?

Posted by Kieran on January - 18 - 2021 0 Comment

The sale of puppies and dogs has shot up since lockdown began back in March. With more people at home and able to look after a puppy, now seems the perfect time for many. The prices of puppies has reflected this and increased massively over the past 12 months. On average you can expect to pay in excess of £1500 and that’s not even for a pedigree dog. Some sellers  [ Read More ]

Buying presents for your pets this Christmas

Posted by Kieran on December - 20 - 2020 0 Comment

Christmas presents for pets is actually a huge market and growing year on year. Many people see their pets as part of the family and therefore want them to join in on the festivities. During the run up to Christmas the discount stores, supermarkets and pet shops are often cramped with pet stockings and teddies, giving you plenty to choose from. You do need to take care when choosing the  [ Read More ]