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Pet Medicine Can Save An Animal’s Life

Posted by Ian on January - 10 - 2017

There are many diseases and illness that can afflict a dog or cat, including ear infections and heartworms, that can be cured by pet medicine, which has been developed by scientists devoted to research and development, and to extending the lives of our four-legged friends. Many people treat their cats and dogs as members of the family and hurt when their pets hurt. It can be frustrating when our animals are feeling ill because an animal cannot speak and let us know what is wrong.Get the pet news.

The toughest part of being an animal owner is trying to figure out if an animal is sick or going through a natural form of animal behaviour. For instance, the dog might not have a respiratory illness; it might simply be reaching trying to clear its throat of a bone he found in the backyard. Animals cannot talk so they cannot tell their owners that they are sick.

Many people feed their dog or cat human food, but this can cause problems for the animal’s digestive system, which operates differently from human digestive systems. Never feed a dog or cat onion, cooked or raw. Never feed a dog chocolate, which is a stimulant that can cause an erratic heartbeat.

A terrible affliction that affects many dogs and cats is called heartworm disease. This is a disease that can be treated with medication successfully if the disease is detected in time, using a special blood test. If the disease is not treated, the canine or feline will not survive, so it is important to have the canine or feline tested for this disease if the animal seems lethargic or short of breath.

It is important to write down the symptoms the cat or dog is experiencing on paper before visiting the vet so that the doctor can make a proper diagnosis. The pet cannot tell the doctor how it is feeling, so it is up to the owner to communicate with the doctor on behalf of the canine or feline. When the vet prescribes medication, it is important to follow his dosing instructions and administer the medication in full to dog or cat.

If an animal has to take antibiotics, which cures infections, make sure that the animal completes the entire prescription. The infection will grow in strength if the entire prescription is not taken because the infection will grow resistant to the drug according to the pet news. Killing the pathogen in its entirety is important.

The cat and dog’s best friend is the flea medication that kills fleas and flea larvae throughout the flea season. The medication is applied to the animal’s skin and helps keep the cat or dog flea free. Fleas not only are a nuisance, but also pass on dangerous pathogens.

With the advancement of pet medicine, many dogs and cats are living longer, happier lives, which is good news for animal owners. Dogs and cats cannot talk, so they cannot tell their human owners what is wrong. If an animal is acting lethargic, feverish, or otherwise strangely, the animal owner should take the animal to the vet. Just rely on pet news to get more information.

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