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Pet care and products

Products for your pet can be a great way to improve your experience of owning a pet and enhance their own quality of life. There are numerous examples of pet products solving these issues, so all you need to start improving your situation is the knowledge on what they each are.

Dog products are one of the most plentiful around. You have various dog treats that can be used encourage them to behave and to use as a reward. Likewise with toys; there are a massive quantity and variety of dog toys out there for you to choose from:

  • Squeeze toys are great in that dogs find them to be immensely fun. Many dog trainers use them as a reward in replacement of food treats. If you notice that they’re getting very possessive of the toy, then that could be a problem, so you should watch out for that.
  • Balls are always a good option for using to play with your dog, rather than as a reward, but why not enhance the experience with a ball thrower? They are useful accessories to have when walking your dog, as they can lengthen your throwing distance considerably, and make it less stressful on your joints, if that’s a concern.

As dogs like to remain active, with regular trips out into the outdoors, you may want to consider a variety of accessories. Dogs, just like humans, need some protection from the environment. whether the sun, heat, or cold is the biggest risk factor, it is worth looking at what you can buy to protect your best friend:

  • Dogs feet naturally have a lot of protection because of the thick padding on their paws, but this can be inadequate on for instance; pavement which has been heated by the sun on hot, sunny days; or very pebbly ground.
  • Reflective/fluorescent coats or collars can help protect your dog during darker periods of the day/year from moving vehicles.
  • You could choose to buy a harness for your dog rather than a collar. This is particularly useful if your dog has a tendency to suddenly try and run off while on the lead, as a harness will help prevent injuries to their neck.

Talking about dogs in relation to pet products is absolutely essential as they are the most common and popular pet throughout the UK and much of the world, but you can’t overlook how important pet products are to the second most popular pet in the UK, cats.

Cats also have a massive list of products that you can use to enjoy time with your pet more and even to improve their own quality of life. They aren’t all just toys either, there are some pretty great products that you should look at:

  • Feliway is a great product. What it does is release a scent which can help to prevent conflict between multiple pets and stop them behaving so territorially. If you’ve noticed your cats are fighting each other, are sharpening their claws on furniture, or are peeing outside of their cat litter boxes, this could be the solution that you’re looking for.
  • Scratching poles are another great cat accessories. They are ideal places for your cat to sharpen their claws, and can go a long ways towards encouraging them to leave your furniture alone.

Hopefully the information that we’ve been able to provide you with today has been helpful, but if you’re still unsure about what to do, head over to our blog, where we explore a number of pet related subjects in greater detail, or contact us directly through our contact form.