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Rehoming a Pet from a Pet Shop

Posted by Ian on August - 6 - 2017

Pet shops sell small animals like guinea pigs, degus, gerbils, rats, mice and rabbits. These can make great pets for families, especially people with children as they will be quite safe around them. Sometimes, pets live in pet shops for a long time and cannot find a new home. If this is the case, they will usually be put up for rehoming.

Rehoming a pet that cannot find a home is a very rewarding process. You can still get the small pet you want but whilst doing a really good deed as well. Just make sure that you know everything about the animals you are adopting. There may be a reason why they have not been able to find a home, such as their temperament or a disease they are carrying. Get them checked over by a vet, preferably before you agree to take them on. Check for common diseases and things like fleas and ticks.

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