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Setting up a dog grooming service

Posted by Kieran on April - 25 - 2021

Over the last decade dog grooming businesses have boomed. Whereas lots of people only used to take their dog to a groomer if they didn’t malt their hair and needed a cut, now people are choosing to take their pooches to get pampered. So many people take a lot of pride in their dogs and like them to not only be healthy but also to look nice and smell nice too! A trip to the groomers is often seen like a treat especially if the groomers offer a package that is supposed to be a pampering for them.

Many groomers will slip hair, cut nails and even offer dog teeth cleaning services but some will offer your pooch a mini spa treatment. If you are considering going in to dog grooming you need to think carefully about the services you offer and the prices you are going to charge. If you are in an area where you have little competion, then you may be able to charge a higher price than if there are plenty of other groomers locally. Many dog groomers start off by grooming dogs at their how or even mobile at other people’s homes. This can keep costs down and allow you to get a real feel for the amount of business you are likely to get. Dog groomers often get a lot of repeat business and then may get a few one off grooms in between. If you have tried to get your dog groomed and noticed that you have got to wait a good week or two to get booked in, then there may be room for another Dog groomer in your areas.

Some people treat their dogs like their children and their safety and wellbeing is very important to them. You need to reassure owners that you are capable of looking after their dog and that you take care to ensure that they are not distressed. Many dogs do not like having their hair cut and can find the whole experience stressful. It is important that as a groomer you learn techniques to calm dogs down and to read signs of when they may be feeling over whelmed.

A your business grows you may decide to hire a business premisses to work from. This will often mean you can take on more clients and even have someone helping you or working alongside you.

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