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Should you get your young child a pet?

Posted by Kieran on February - 14 - 2022

Most children like animals and often it isn’t long before they start asking for one themselves. You may not have really been much of a pet person, buy you may find that once they start mixing with friends that have pets, they come home asking you if they can have one too.

Regardless of what pet you have, you must not rush in to it and take the time to full understand what it entails and the commitment you need to give. Some animals require more of a commitment than others. For example a dog cannot be left on its own for hours on end, needs walking at least once a day and can take up a fair amount of your time along with space in your home. A hamster on the other hand can be left alone for a day if needed, doesn’t take up much room and is fairly easy to look after.

When deciding on your first family pet you need to consider if you have the lifestyle that is suited to that pet. If you are out at work all day every day then a dog may not be suitable for you at the minute, especially not a puppy as they should be left on their own longer than an hour or so when they are very young.

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