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Should you take your dog out for a beach day?

Posted by Kieran on August - 12 - 2021

When we plan beach days, you may be tempted to take your pet pooch with you. It is no secret that lots of dogs do love being on the beach, running up and down the sand and splashing about in the sea but is it a good idea to take them? This all depends on the conditions that day. You need to look at the weather forecast and think about what set up you are going to have on the beach. If the weather is et to be above 25 degrees then it is recommended that you do not take your dog to the beach for long period s of time. An early morning walk or evening walk is perfect but sitting all day is often too much for your pet dog.

Dogs can have a hard time regulating their temperature and they can very quickly fall victim to heat exhaustion.

If the weather is a little cooler then your dog may be ok on the beach but you need to make sure they have a place where they can lie in the shade. You also need to ensure that they have plenty of fresh, clean water to drink throughout the day.

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