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Think carefully before getting a dog

Posted by Kieran on June - 20 - 2022

During the height of the pandemic dog ownership increased massively as people enjoyed having a reason to go out for a walk and as many people were working from home they relished the company that a dog provided. Some of those people may, now that life is getting back to normal, regret their decision as owning a dog can create problems for couples and families which are difficult to overcome.

One of the biggest issues that working adults are facing is leaving the dog alone in the house or garden every day while they are out at work. Some dogs will begin to demonstrate separation anxiety behaviour or may even become destructive. If it is necessary to leave the dog while you are at work try to arrange with a friend or neighbour to take the dog for a walk during the day or pay a local dog walker to collect your pet for a daily walk.

Holiday times are another problematic time for dog owners as taking your dog on holiday with you can be very restrictive. Some popular beaches do not allow dogs at peak holiday times and restaurants rarely allow dogs to be brought in unless they are assistance dogs. To put your dog into kennels can be extremely expensive and will also require your dog to be up to date with all its vaccinations.

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