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Toilet training your puppy

Posted by Kieran on February - 10 - 2021

Having a puppy can be a really lovely experience and an exciting time but it can also be hard work. If you have a puppy from a young age it is most probably not going to be toilet trained. This means you are going to have to teach them where they can and can’t go to the toilet and how to show you that they need to go.

You can start toilet training a puppy from only a few weeks old and the key is repetition. You need to try and keep to the same routine as much as possible to start with as the puppy will start to learn when it will be going out. Puppies have very small bladders so they cannot hold it for long, so you need to allow them to go often. They also have very little control over their bladder when they are young and often urinate if they get excited or scared.

You may find it useful to invest in some puppy pads to use for training as these allow you to protect your carpet and flooring whilst giving the puppy a place that they can go. If your puppy is not able to go out for walks yet then you will have to get them to use a puppy pad or newspaper to start with. Try and catch them when they look like they are about to go to the toilet and put them on the pad. Once they have finished, really praise them with lots of affection and possibly a treat. Over time they will associate going on the pad with a reward and very quickly they will start to do it more often.

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