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Posted by Ian on April - 24 - 2016

You may be a considerate, caring dog owner ensuring that your beloved pet receives a good balanced diet, has somewhere warm to sleep and is taken on a daily walk.  However, people’s circumstances can change, sometimes temporarily or sometimes for the long term.  It could be that work takes you further afield and you can no longer check up on your dog at lunchtime or maybe you need to spend time with a sick or elderly relative and find that there is now very little time to walk your dog. Whatever the circumstances, you could consider using a dog walking service.

A good service should send someone round to your home for an introductory visit. Your dog will probably go for a walk with another dog for some doggy companionship. However, a good service should match your dog to a suitable canine companion. Be aware of walkers who may walk 5 or 6 dogs at one time. Your dog will not receive the attention and fuss that he needs if he is walked in such a large group and he may feel intimidated by bigger dogs in the group. Considerate dog walkers will also towel down your pet after a muddy, wet outing, ensuring your dog is clean and dry before returning him to your family home.

For best results, it is often better to go with recommendations from other dog owners but a good service should be able to provide references from other clients.

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