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Which small pet is best for my family?

Posted by Kieran on September - 16 - 2020

Although owning a dog is for many the ideal pet it may be that this is not practical perhaps because of the type of accommodation they live in or due to the time constraints of work so that they would have insufficient time to spend walking a dog. Many people look at having a smaller pet for their family and so choose a cat or rabbit instead but which of these pets is most suitable and what are the products that will need to be bought to look after the animals appropriately?

Cats are an immensely popular pet as they are usually quite independent and most like to be outside for a good part of the day, especially in the warmer months. They are easy to feed and mostly enjoy a mixture of dried cat food and wet food in the form of pouches or tins. A scratching pole is a good idea for the inside to dissuade them from scratching the furniture.

Many people choose a rabbit as a family pet thinking that they will be easy to handle and care for but quickly discover that they have very strong back legs and sharp claws that can really hurt the owner when the rabbit is handled. Wrapping a towel around them when picking them up is a good idea and helps to keep them calm. Dried rabbit food is readily available from pet shops, but they do also need fresh hay on a daily basis along with some fresh vegetables too.

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