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Wholesale Pet Supplies: Advice for Suppliers and Retailers

Posted by Ian on February - 22 - 2022

Wholesale pet supplies for UK trade customers can work out to be very good value compared to the cost of sourcing supplies from a different type of suppliers. Wholesalers will supply goods, usually in large quantities, to UK pet trade companies that are customer facing, for them to sell in shops or online. When pet retailers find their preferred supplier, it is usually the case that they will work together more long term, with the retailer placing orders ahead of time to manage stock levels. This kind of setup is preferable for pet wholesalers, who know their customer base and want bulk orders, and retailers who need stock to sell to their customers, in manageable amounts due to storage and warehousing considerations.

The UK pet industry is thriving with more people choosing to own pets all the time. There are special considerations when supplying to the pet industry though, as opposed to other industries. Some of these considerations include:

  • What do UK pet owners want? For a product to be popular enough for wholesale supply it is important that it is widely sought by consumers. Pet owners can be very particular consumers who will want both value for money and what they deem to be the best option for their beloved pet.
  • What do pet retailers want? When it comes to retailers, the considerations become a little more complex because they will want to supply what their customers want but they will also need to know that they can sell it for a price that will make them a good margin.
  • Is the product easily marketable? If the product can be marketed to a wide audience and has broad appeal, it is more likely to be successful in the UK pet market. Wholesale pet supplies for the UK trade will often need to have good introductory offers to get them off the ground or a unique selling point that makes them different to other products in what is a very competitive space. A good marketing strategy that can be implemented to help kick-start sales is a very welcome addition.
  • How saturated is the pet market with similar products? In order for a product to stand out, it needs to be eye catching, different and easy to sell. The pet market is more popular than ever and while this means there is an enormous amount of opportunity, it also means there is a lot of competition. For a new idea to really gain traction and get widely distributed by UK pet wholesalers, it needs to really get the attention of the right people and to stand out from the rest. It also needs to be commercially positioned so that it can sell, capturing the interest of pet owners and professionals who will want to make use of it. Wholesale pet supplies for the UK trade can be a very good industry to get into and it can present a lot of opportunity for passionate people who are both pet lovers and business savvy.

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